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 In terms of materials, indoor leisure chairs and more to cortex, stainless steel, plastic, etc., modeling changeable and creative, brightly colored bright.Overall indoor lounge chairs in the family, indoor public places for the place, for individuals or more The people provide comfortable sitting-reclining furniture.


 Leisure chair to bring you unlimited comfort, stylish home life to enjoy. Simple and bright lines give full play to the connotation of human nature. Quiet to far, faint incense, warm and enjoy the fashion, like a lyric. Leisure, the total people aftertaste endless ...


 Classification of leisure chairs


 Leisure chairs are classified into indoor (indoor) leisure chairs and outdoor (outdoor) leisure chairs according to their use.


 According to the material can be divided into FRP leisure chair, aluminum leisure chair, stainless steel leisure chair and solid wood leisure chair.


 Leisure chairs with


 Indoor Lounge Chair


 Material, the indoor leisure chairs and more to cortex, stainless steel, plastic, modeling changeable and creative, bright color and bright. In general, the indoor leisure chair to the family, indoor public places for the place, for individuals or people to provide comfortable leisure sit-dependent furniture.


 1, function


 Versatile, can be placed in the home or other indoor places, single or multi-seat, some leisure chairs also provide bed function;


 2, beautiful


 Visual effects and environmental coordination, modeling creative highlight the theme;


 3, and practical


 Sitting comfortably, may sit may lie, causes has the relaxation;


 4, materials


 Do not use toxic or hazardous materials, easy to clean. Structural parts must be sturdy and reliable, in normal use without structural problems.


 Outdoor leisure chairs


 Material, the outdoor leisure chair because of its environment for outdoor, so the material optional narrow. More to


 Leisure chairs Ma stone, marble, wood, stainless steel, steel and other materials based. (Sun UV, wind and rain corrosion, man-made destruction, etc.), it must require regular maintenance and refurbishment of the public places, such as parks, communities, roadside and other public places, so its high exposure and high damage.


 1, function


 Single function, mainly placed in parks, residential, roadside and other outdoor venues. Multi-use, for the outdoor monk cool, open, etc.;


 2, beautiful


 Visual effects, mainly with the outdoor environment by the coordination of the use of wood, granite and other natural materials, modeling creativity, nice, approachable, without special luxury;


 3, and practical


 Fire prevention, anti-theft, anti-corrosion, to meet people rest without disturbing each other;


 4, materials


 Do not use toxic or hazardous materials, easy to clean. Because of the special nature of outdoor use, the general use of wood: preservative wood, imported camphor, Russian Pinus sylvestris, plastic wood and other materials, these wood has a strong outdoor anti-corrosion effect, and marble or granite need good texture to Anti-human damage. So the steel structure to be anti-corrosion treatment, anti-rain and man-made damage.


 Outdoor leisure chair of the purchase


 Outdoor leisure chair style is varied, in use is also very free, as long as the appropriate use of the same chair in different spaces to play different functions.


 In the specific purchase, everyone has their own habits. So, how to choose according to their actual situation of the chair? Mainly based on custom to buy.


 Outdoor leisure chair depth


 Generally speaking, in a more formal occasion, the person's sitting position is very straight, more people like to sit in front of the chair than the "shallow" "position. However, if at home, relax the situation may sit deeper, as if the whole person into a chair.


 In the purchase, you can sit and see, try the whole body when seated in the depth of feeling, you can know whether it takes into account the needs of public and private.


 Outdoor leisure chair foot height


 In addition to bar chairs high chair, the general chair seat height will not be too exaggerated, but if the family does have short stature or juvenile children , But also to be taken into account.


 Outdoor leisure chair armrest height


 If there are people who habitually want to put their hands down, may wish to choose a lower handrail or no arm chair. If you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, then the armrest is high, seat deep seat, probably is the best choice.


 Outdoor leisure chair back height


 For those who like to sit down, people can choose not only handrails, backrest stool, but also can choose a low handrail and low back chair, this time the seat of the focus will be placed on the waist; If you like the center of gravity On the back and therefore leaning on the back, then may wish to choose a higher back chair, this time can also see whether the height of the back of the neck near the neck, sometimes near the height of the chair, but let the user habitual neck The Ministry of the angle of 90 degrees on the back, this way it is likely to cause cervical damage.


 The slope of the outdoor leisure chair


 The inclination of the back and the softness of the "" appendages "" should also be taken into account.


 The back of the chair to the slope of 90 degrees for the sector, most of the chairs are slightly larger than 90 degrees, this way to make people's center of gravity back slightly, the whole person can sit in a stable chair. Casual performance of the larger chair, the slope is greater, people like "lying" in the chair like.


 The softness of outdoor leisure chairs


 If the seat cushion and seat back softness is comfortable, if the seat is not attached, padded chair, directly to see the hardness of the material itself, "" additional part "" will pay attention to the use of the internal filling of things, and test after sitting How does it feel.


 Outdoor leisure chair stability


 From the details of the chair structure to focus, you can know the stability of the chair, such as card tenon, screw and other joints of the inspection, are very important. The proposed purchase should be personally try to sit and look at the user, and slightly shaking the body, to experience the stability of the chair.


 Leisure chair cleaning and maintenance


 Leisure chairs are generally used at home, and its material can be many kinds, more cleaning and maintenance can also extend its life, for we found below, we look at how to clean and maintain it.


 1, for rattan leisure chairs, water and cleaning agents is a good cleaning supplies. Because the material is more comfortable rattan, and rattan quality is not great, the rope is easier to bear its quality, its life will be relatively long, so clean up chair when we should use clean water and cleaning agents, clean it will be dry , And can not please clean parts, we should use oil to paint it, remember not to eradicate the above part, because the above materials may cause uneven accident is the scourge, as part of the metal vacuum cleaner, sucked out of the above Of the dust, and then wipe dry cloth.


 2, for plastic leisure chairs, cleaning agent is essential. When using chairs at home, we often transfer oil to the chair above, if it is plastic chairs, with water is not very easy to clean up the oil, we should use the cleaning agent to clean it again, and then clean water, This effect is better.


 3, for the wooden chair, water and paint is a good helper. In general, we do not recommend using cleaners to clean the leisure chair, because once the cleaning agent met wooden things, cleaning agents will enter the wood inside, we usually will have a sticky feeling of sitting above, if there is water, then inside The detergent will be combined with water, soap bubbles in the wood surface out, we would like to clean it, but will it stain it. For some in any case can not clean the stains, we should have a layer of paint on the suspect above, clean apart, make it a little younger. "

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